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  3. 16.10.2018

 Many thanks to Dr. Vadim Nikolaevich Haritonchuk

When it comes to finding a magnificent doctor, you would be hard-pressed to find one better than Dr. Vadim Nikolaevich Haritonchuk! He is knowledgeable, professional, precise, and most importantly, he really cares for each of his patients. In my opinion, he is magnificent!

 Six months ago, in Belgium, I was hospitalized due to dangerously high blood pressure. I spent four days in hospital, and underwent all sorts of different tests, including sonar scans to check my kidneys and prostate, however, in all this time they were unable to discover the reason why I had high blood pressure. Their findings were that I was totally healthy.

Now, six months later here in Kiev, I was finding my pressure rising again and was feeling generally unwell. It took Dr. Haritonchuk just a couple of minutes to determine that my prostate was  dangerously oversized and that my kidneys were on the verge of failure. As an emergency procedure, he immediately equipped me with a catheter so as to empty my bladder. There were over two liters of urine. This was due to the huge prostate blocking the urinary tract. As my bladder was overfilled, my kidneys were no longer able to operate properly and  were at the point of breakdown.

He immediately scheduled another sonar scan to determine the size of my prostate, and then, he made all the arrangements with the hospital for my operation and stay.

The operation was successful, and today, a week after the operation, I walked out of the hospital, feeling energized and about ten years younger than I had a week earlier. I had been expecting to have a very painful first few days after the operation, however, there was no pain at all, not even once. Fair enough, for the first two days, I was given regular injections for the pain, but on the evening the second day, I declined another injection as I wanted to see whether I could go through the night without pain. There was none, whatsoever! I did not believe it would ever be possible for someone to go through a major operation without experiencing any pain, however, Dr. Vadim Nikolaevich Haritonchuk showed me that he can do that. I am amazed!

That was a magnificent experience. This is a doctor of quality!


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